1st project: results!

10 Apr


Here’s what I made! To achieve a chunky look suitable for a statement necklace, I decided to use 2 cords and double up the hoops (I alternated threading the hoops in 3 batches:

1. through the 1st cord

2. through the 2nd cord

3. through both cords

4. repeat the above 3 steps

After I was done, it still looked like something was missing, so on the spur of the minute, I decided to add those 3 big teardrops🙂

Quite pleased with this piece- overall difficulty rating I’d say is 2 (pliers are only necessary for basic manipulation of jump rings. Click on this link for projects’ difficulty guide). Hope you guys like it too!🙂

I should have put on step by step photos as well as a picture of what the necklace looked like without the teardrops- a little lazy to undo it now- so will save that for the next project!🙂

The 1st project

9 Apr

Organising my beads and came across some golden hoops and purple cord that I’d like to use up. Let’s see what we can do with them!Image


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